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I guess my userpic of the froggy will have to do. I GOT MY PLACEMENT FOR FIRST SEMESTER!! I'm not going to lie, I'm stupid excited. Sorry for the yelling just now. hehehe Also, I've known since last week, I got the e-mail though today making it official!

More to come...
...like saying i'm going to update this with more frequency. oops. lol i'd love to say i've been busy working, but i haven't. i've done some volunteering and kept myself busy that way this summer. i can't wait to return to school for my final year.

i won't make any promises, but i will try to check in more often. when i'm not busy knitting or reading or chasing the cats!

Almost time for break

i have a day to go until it is our study week here at school. it's funny they call it that because all of our tests are before the break. so really, what do we have to study? it's all good though. i have a project to work on. it's called the homeland assignment and it's for my diversity and first nations class. it's not difficult, but the challenge will be keeping the words to 1500. i have a ton of information. basically, i'm starting with the natives that were first in scarborough and then moving on to the europeans that came next. then how it has changed. it is really interesting and i'm finding more and more out every day. i can't wait to finish it.

i also might have an amazing opportunity for a volunteer position. it looks hopeful, but i won't know until i have the interview. keep your fingers crossed for me.

that's about all that's going on here for now. i have a mock interview i have to get to, so i should be moving my butt along.

i hope everyone has a good day!


I really am alive. I've been so busy with school since September, I sometimes haven't had a chance to think for myself. The good news is that school is going very well and I'm loving my course.

I'll give everyone a little refresher. I'm now at Loyalist College in the Justice Studies program. I'm taking Community and Justice Services Worker. Basically, when I graduate, I can work in many fields. I am currently leaning towards the courts and Court Diversion. In a nutshell, that is helping people avoid being in jail and getting them the help they need because they have mental problems. It isn't letting them off scott-free. It is making them pay back their debt but alternative punishment, if you will. I'm quite interested in working with the mentally ill and we'll see where I end up. My marks last semester were awesome. I had 80's and 90's and my GPA average is currently at 87 or 88. I've never had an average that high!! So basically, everything is good. :)

Other than that, not much else is new. I have been hella busy and when I can, I try to rest and catch up on resting. So maybe I'll try yet again to be a regular poster. I think when doing Psychology this semester, it will be good to update semi-regularly.

I'm going to go for now, but I will return!

Great News!

so Mom and I got home from our trip to Stratford (i'll make another post about that tomorrow) and i was checking my mail and i see this big envelope in my little mail box. as i pull it out i see that its from Loyalist College and its a Congratulations letter! i have been waiting for this and can't tell you how excited i am!! i can't wait to go back to school in the fall. and now i'm in!! now, i just need my funding.

besides that, its business as usual. spent my birthday in Stratford seeing Christopher Plummer preform in The Tempest. sooo good! i love that man!

so, i'll get those photos i took uploaded and i'll post them. meanwhile, i should be taking video of my goofy cat, Cujo. he's nuts you know!


so i guess i'm failing pretty bad at this regular updating thing, eh? i'd like to blame life getting in the way, but who am i kidding, it's games like farmville and fronterville on facebook. yeah, i'm that cool.

i'm doing better. other than a broken tooth. i broke my second to last molar a week or so ago and i have to get a cap for it. i was eating an onion ring! i figure it was long gone before the onion ring came into play. before the cap happens, i have to get my gums shaved down. yum. i have these tiny little teeth that they don't have enough room to work with. i'm more freaked about that then the cap.

i'm busy filling out my second career forms. i'm hoping to go back to school in september. i can't wait. i'm going to be taking community and justice services at loyalist if i get in. they sent me a student number so that has to be good, right??

on thursday, mom and i are heading off to toronto and then to stratford. we are going to hit the harry potter exhibit and see my friend and then on my birthday go see The Tempest at stratford starring CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER!!
i'm a little excited. hehehehe after that, we head to milton to visit our friends and stay there for an evening and then back home. yay for a mini vacation!

i have some photos i should post. i will be taking a bunch in stratford. its been since high school since i've been. it should be a good trip.

so that's all for now. i'm away laughing on a fast camel. :)

Can anyone help identify this insect?

So I may not need as much help identifying this as once thought. A friend in Toronto has helped and provided a link. I'll still post the pictures anyways and see if anyone else has any ideas.

This critter appeared in Mom's garden this afternoon. The best way to describe him would be a flying lobster. You'll see when you see the pictures. It turns out he is a hummingbird clearwing moth. That's a link my friend provided. If you have any other ideas, please leave them in the comments! Thanks!

Interesting insect this way...Collapse )

Some pictures for you

so i'm not sure if i've mentioned it, but for Christmas, i got a dslr (digital single lens reflex) camera. i've been wanting to move up to a digital for awhile and this was what i wanted. i've been a little slow in getting to learning how to use it (its amazing how different it is to a film slr) but i'm quite happy with what i've been able to take with it. so, here are some of my shots i've recently taken. a lot of them are on my photobucket and facebook accounts.

Because I know the pics are huge, here's a cut to save your page...Collapse )

Long day

it started at 5:30 this morning. i heard noise out in the living room. i get up to find james bond peeing on my dinning room table. cujo was there egging him on. ask me how impressed i was. luckily i have awesome cleaning products but that's not the point. i have bought james a calming collar like his brother's. hopefully it will help stop this peeing nonsense. he's going to the vet in the next few weeks too. we are worried it could be something more serious. hopefully not, but i don't want to take a chance.

i think i'm overtired at the moment. i'm a little more wired than i should be. i'm off to try and relax.

i leave you with this, how can i get mad at these two?

James Bond and Cujo

Its oh so quiet

its really quiet around here today. i'm thinking i might actually knit the night away. it will be productive. maybe i can finish the right front of my sweater. the cats are sleeping. cujo has been snoring a lot today. its kinda funny. james bond has been glad i was home. we had guests today. cujo's former owners were here. i ran into them at the mall. it was nice to see them. both the cats were happy to have someone other than me around for a bit. lol

well that's all for now. i think the knitting idea is a good one. maybe i'll do that.


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